Secrets on the set of “Glee”

I have had the most amazing day!

One of my biggest dreams has always been to be on a Hollywood set!

Today I finally got to be!

And the best part of it all,  was working there!!

Not as an actress, but as a TV-reporter, which is just as much fun when you get to meet so many talented people and see so many cool stuff.

Todays office was at Paramount studios!

I was on the set for “Glee”, do you watch the show?

At first, when you walk in, it’s just an enormous building with brown walls and cables, but when you go around them and see them from the other side, it’s a little home, or an office or another room.

The best way I can say it is to call it an enormous doll house I guess!

And on the back of every wall you will find the drawings over the room.

I got to go around and see everything from Sue and Will’s office to the teacher’s lounge and the hallways.

It it so big in there you have no idea, and everything is so full of details.

Like Sue’s deck with pencils, awards and photos.

The walls are huge and up in the roof there is hundreds of wires and lights.

Words can’t explain it.

It’s just to cool!

And…guess what I did?

Yes I had a photo shoot with myself in the restroom of the stars!

You never know when you will be there again right?

haha, you know..just a little too much, not a lot..but yeh.. a little too much…

På norsk?

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