My first Thanksgiving!

It actually happens from time to time, that people in th US actually asks me this, But No, Norway do not celebrate Thanksgiving.

This is your day remember?

But I think it’s a great holiday, and such a nice tradition.

I wish we would be more grateful.

And shouldnt we be better at telling people what we are thankful for, or at least use some more time to think about what we have.

Anyway, I’m super excited over my first Thanksgiving here in USA, in Los Angeles, in Hollywood.

My first Thanksgiving ever!

So I will use this post, to say what I’m thankful for in life..and turns out, it’s a lot! So I will try to keep it short.

1. My Mom – Family

First of all, I’ so thankful for being such a lucky child. For having the most supportive and kind mother in the whole wide world.

Growing up, as people might already know, we did not have a lot, my mom and I. But she has always, from the day I started dreaming, told me that I can do everything I want, as long as I dream, belive and never forget who I am or where I come from. I wanted to be an actress, she said go for it. I wanted to move to the US to, she said ” always knew you would”. I would never NEVER have been where I am today if it wasn’t for that one strong and loving mother.

And of course the rest of my family who is my biggest fans. My grandmother who is 90 years old and who loves me from here, to the moon and back! She is amazing! My big family, Who always supports me. And yes, having them believing in me so much gives me just the pressure I need. One thing is to disappoint myself, but to disappoint them? I would never! I will work to make you proud my loved ones, I promise ❤

Thank you!

2. Friends

Of course, but I have to split this one into two  pieces.

2.1 Friends back home

I thank you for always believing, for all your support. For being proud of me. For still keeping me in your hearts even when I decided to move to another world so fare away from you. You have given me so much love, joy, laughter and happiness. I miss you everyday, but know that you are all so close to me still. I keep you guys in my heart wherever I go!

You are more like family to me, and do you know how I can say that?

because only family will let you fly away, and love you just as much when you come back home again.

I love you so much! Forever and ever!<3 Thank you ❤

2.2 The new friends

For my life in the US would never EVER have been this amazing whiteout you! I Thank you all so much for great times, and for everything we have in front of us. I’m looking forward to new days, fun times, new memories, new adventures, for good times, and also for bad times, because when I have you here with me, I know I’m safe.

Thank you so much for giving me the big honor of being your friend. I feel so lucky to have come to a place like this and got to meet such amazing people like you!

I truly adore you, and I’m so proud of you all.

Thank you!

3 My Hollywood-“parents”

I have to call them that now, because these two people is what have made my life here in Los Angeles possible.

My dear friends, colleagues, neighbours, family.

Lena and Thomas, I owe my life to these guys. The two most loving people I have ever met. They helped me with everything, from day one. To get an apartment, to get settled down, furniture, bank, electricity, phone, food, everything!!

I don’t know how to thank you enough.

You have truly become my mom and dad here in Hollywood, and I love you so deeply.

These people are the definition of angels.

Thank you for giving me everything, for all you have done and all you do.

I truly hope that one day you will get it all back, because you two deserve all the love in the world!

4. My colleagues

From every job I have ever had, really. And teachers as well!

From NISS,  STV, Radio Prime, TV 2. You have all given me the opportunities to learn all I know today.

Thank you for the wisdom, for the fun learning times.
Thank you for all the opportunities, but most of all for the trust.

For the faith in me, and for handing me big projects. My dear colleagues in TV 2 who believes in me so much that they let me out in the world on my own. For trusting that I will deliver, and I promise you I will never back out of it. You are the people who makes dreams come true. I admire the faith you have, and will forever be thankful.

Thank you ❤

5. Fans/Followers

How absurd it is to say that! I don’t understand it, but I get emails daily from people I have never met who say they follow me, watches me and likes what I do. And it amazes me! THANK YOU! My god, you beautiful people! My mom told me two days ago that there was a bunch of kids on the school where she works that wanted an autograph. I’m humbled! I’ll send you that and a hundred of kisses. I have to thank these amazing people. If you like my work and what I do, I’m truly forever thankful. because that’s what I live for. And whiteout you and your support and curiosity it would never have been possible!

Thank you ❤

6. Health

Yes, I’m forever thankful for my health. Thant I was given the gift of being a healthy child. And I pray that it will stay that way. I think the most important thing in life is to have a good health. And I’m so thankful for everyday I have with good health and a pain-free body. Really, that is something I’m thankful for.  I can walk, run, hold a cup, dance, taste, hear, see, clap my hands, smile laughf…everything.. and I should really be more thankful for that, and not take it for granted.

7. Music

For a world whiteout music would be so sad. Music can save my day if I feel a bit sad or off. Thanks to the people all over the world who gives music to the people.

8. Smiles

I’m thankful for smiles. Mostly random smiles! Giving away a smile to a stranger can mean more than you know. Give a little smile now and then, people will be thankful for that. I know I am.

9. Memories

I am thankful for good memories. For anyone who has ever given me a good memoire in life, and god knows there are many of them. I feel blessed to have it all in my backpack of life. They are precious to me and they have made my life what it is today.

I guess I’m thankful for the bad memories as well. They have really made me who I am and pushed me to the edge more than once. I guess that have only made me fight harder, and in the end, that is what have made me come here, to the place I am today. So thank you! Thank you for the memories! ❤

10. Disney, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio

Ine..say what? Such a nice and serious post, and now this?

But yeah.. I really mean it. Disney, was with me from when I was a kid. Made my fantasy world so rich, made me dream and belive. Made my childhood safe and filled with magic. Still, I love to watch good old Disney movies when I just feel like escaping the real world.

Ellen, Jennifer and Leonardo. Belive it or not, these are the people who I have looked up to since I was a teenager. It’s the people who made me want to go into this business, and still my opinion is that these people are some of the worlds best entertainers and actors! You will not get anywhere whiteout people to look up to!
and these three people is who I look up to! The one I have studied and learned from!


So with all of that! Thank you for life, love and laughs!





  1. Thanks for stopping by … love that we the people now have a live stream to what is going on in Congress … while at work but somewhat hidden …i need to know so i post! and congrats on your 1st Thanksgiving !!! my family has always thought of our !st nation ties , but always give thanks for all we have

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