It’s All Or Nothing..


Can you belive that another year soon is over?

When I think back on this year, I don’t even know where to start.

The 14 of february I visited USA for the very first time of my life.

I had a job to do here.

Actually two.

Same week as I was going, Whitney Houston died. And as horrible as that is, to tell you the truth, that was what allowed me to go here in the first place.

I was making a report on the tragedy.

And the other job, was huge for me, it was Jennifer Aniston, the woman I look up to and adore more than anyone.


It was a movie junket for Wanderlust.

Anyway, I could talk about that for hours, but I’m not gonna do that. Well, not now anyway. 😉

So as my plane fly over Los Angeles, I see it all for the very first time.

The lights, the streets, the billboards, the cars, the people.


I knew. I knew this was my home. This was the place I was ment to be. I was ment to go here and try my luck in the ocean of opportunities.

There was never a doubt in my mind.

I got home, and the second I got there, I started working  on finding ways to make the pieces go together.

I went back to LA in my easter holiday, tried to fix it all.

Back home again, worked my ass off everyday of summer and put all my money in to savings.

And after a week with tears, and goodbyes, I left my home, my family, my friends and everything I owned, and went away to another world and never looked back.


So I’m my own boss now, sort of.

It’s all up to me to get what I need, to do a great job, to deliver, to prove that I can do this.

I have done mistakes, somethings have probably been just useless, but other stuff have been really good and people have really been loving it.


People always tell me, you are 23, you have lived here for 4 months, you live you learn. Nothing is perfect the first time and Rome was not built in a day.

But that’s the thing with me, if I don’t do it perfect, it’s not good enough, even if I know I learned from it and that it just makes me better, I don’t have time to do mistakes.

I know I’m young and just started learning, but when you are in a position like me and get to work with really professional and hard-working people, you can’t do things  wrong.


They will not sit and wait for me to get better, I have to deliver or else, they could just use someone else that is more educated and have more experience than me.

I feel so lucky to work with a team that truly believes in me and that see the potential that burns inside me.

Almost everyday, people comes to me and say:  “You are so lucky! Look where you are and what you do!”

But let me just tell you one thing, luck has nothing to do with where I am and what I do.


I have worked hard for this.

When I do good, it’s not because of luck.

When I do bad, I can’t say “its just bad luck”.

No, it’s not about luck, it’s about me, my work, my mistakes, my success.


The scariest thing in the world is sacrifice, but that’s what I have learned, to win you must risk all you got.

And you might lose. You might lose it all, but if you win, you will be guaranteed success.

Always go whole-hearted into your job, make every little task the most important task in the world.

Risk all you got and go for it 100%.

Thats the only chance you have to make it.

I’m not saying I’m there, but I’m willing to do that.


In the end, it’s all up to you.

You are the only one who can make your own future.

No one will do it for you.

And for me, it’s all or nothing.



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