The Hollywood Reporter and I(ne)

I can’t belive  forgot to tell you about this!

I guess it was so big for me I didn’t know how to put it in words.

Two weeks ago on friday I was so lucky to work as a TV-reporter on the 2012 Eliason Merit Award in Los Angeles.

The amazing swedish actor Dolph Lundgren got a price for all the amazing work he has done over the years.


I got an amazing interview with Dolph himself and no matter how big of a star that man is, I mean he was the imposing Russian boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV , he is so kind and down to earth.

And, I must say, the most sexy star I have met in a loooong time! HOT!


I can’t talk that much about the whole interview yet, but just by working, I..well not me, but my work..sort of… got mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter!!!


You can read the article:

❤ HERE ❤

How amazing is that!?

It’s just a little line there, but to me, that means so much!

They saw me working, and that is all I need.

That’s a step up!


Ah, the joy of doing a good job!

And look at me now..


Yes, hard work pays of people!

It really does ❤


FOTO: Lena Aldeö



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