When The World Stops

I wake up, take a shower and before I go in to the kitchen to make breakfast I turn the TV on.

And that’s where I end up.

A towel around my head, eyes wide open, choked, sits down on the sofa and the rest of the world just stops for a minute.


I can’t belive what I see on the news.

The horrible news about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticutht_patch_sandy_hook_school_nt_121214_ssh

There is not much to say about it, words becomes too small in this case.

Over 27 small children killed by a 20-year-old boy.

Last thing they said on the news is that his mother was working there and that she is one of the victims.

They all say that this is the work of a man with big mental problems.

One little boy told his teacher “I just want christmas, I don’t want to die”.


The pictures are painful.


What world do we live in?

How can things go so wrong in this world that evil like this happens.

The more I think about it, the more horrible the story gets.

The children, young little kids. The contrast to the joyful times this time of the year is supposed to be.

It’s a small town and the parents and kids they have interviewed do all say the same “I still can’t believe its true. Not here”.

Parents are running out with their children in their arms.


And then you see the parents who don’t.

Who just hold each other and cry.

Parents that in one day lost the mots valuable and pressure thing in their life.

The world is crying with you, and we all pray for you.

It’s a horrible day in America.

My mom is a teacher, and I know how much the job means to her. I know how much she loves the kids and how much the kids loves her.

I remember how safe the school feels like when you are a child. The place you meet your friends, learn about the world, learn about life.

That one man can take all that away from so many children, so many families is not possible for me to understand.

We are left with “why” and “how”, but I guess that’s things we can never understand.

Please take care of each other. Everyone. Its times like this we need to show each other that for all the hate and anger, we have twice as much love and care to share with each other.

prayer and thoughts to all of you affected by this horrible day.


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