Empty Beds

Charlotte (6), Daniel (7), Olivia (6), Josephine (7), Ana (6), Dylan (6), Madeleine (6), Catherine (6), Chase (7), Jesse (6), James (6), Grace (7), Emilie (6), Jack (6), Noah (6), Caroline (6), Jessica (6), Avielle (6),
Benjamin (6), Allison (6), Rachel (29), Dawn
(47), Anne Marie (52), Lauren (30),
Mary (56), Victoria (27)

The list is too long. It’s too painful. It’s just wrong.

The shock is still there, but I know it soon will turn out to be just sadness and sorrow.

I remember these feelings. Something is coming back to me like a ghost in a hunted house.

The 22.July.2011

The day Norway chanced. A man, if we even can call him that, fired a bomb in Oslo and then drove to an island called Utøya where he shot and killed defenseless children and adults.

Norway is a small country. We all lost someone or something that day.

Someone lost their son, their daughter, their sister, brother. Someone lost their mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin, grandchild. Friends.

I lost a friend. So did so many others.

Its painful. He took away the most preasus things we have. The future. The children. The defenseless.

How this can happen,is out of our mind.

Can it be prevented?

Hard to say.


Rules and gun controll is absolutely an importent debate we must take now. To make sure guns don’t go into the wrong hands.

But as we now know, the people who does this horrible things is usually disturbed, dealing with mental and personality disorders.

We have to work with each other here.

This is what scars me in this world.

Somewhere, something have gone wrong.

Young people, shoot each other, planing to kill each other.

Now what in this world made this people think this way?

Mental illness is one thing, we have to see the signs early and wake up before it is too late.

It seems to me that there is a lot of anger and frustration kept inside of people.

And when a friend, classmate og college falls out, gets weird. lock him/herself inside.

Way to often, we don’t care.

We say “that’s weird” and move on.

But maybe this is actually signs that we should not take a step back, but a step towards.

Offer a hand, talk, help.

We are all the same.

our focus needs to be on making everyone being equal.

It’s the people who gets pushed out, bullied and left alone that we need to get in again.

We must turn on the lights, because way too many people are hiding in the dark.

Its time to see each other now. we have been blind for so long.

The only thing that can destroy this world is us.

And as horrible as that sound, we can find comfort in the fact that we are also the only thing that can make it better, and we really have that power.

I wrote a poem a month after the horrible day in Norway 2011.

I decided to now take it up again and translate it.

Because tonight, way to many beds are empty.

Photo taken and copyright by Cory Marchand




Dear precious human.

Those days you feel invisible and unseen.

Those days you cry and need someone to wipe your tears.

Those days when the room in your chest feels empty and your body feels heavy.

Those days when the fog settles on your ways and your hopes, and dreams and aspirations gets pale and grainy.

Then you shall know that I am with you.

I’ll see you.

I will dry your tears and walk in the thick fog with you.

I’ll be here with you.

I promise.


Dear outstanding human being.

Those days when the things your hearts burns for and the things you work for,  no longer be completed by you alone.

When you need more voices to speak the case with you and more muscle to help you build your visions.

Once all your questions are unanswered and requires conclusions.

That’s when I’m with you, by your side, to investigate and discuss with you.

I’ll be with you in the battle and the war.

I’ll scream with you so that more people can hear your message.

I will be with you to live out the visions and dreams, and I will share mine with you.

I’ll give you everything I have, until I no longer have more to offer but still owns more than what I have.

I promise.



Dear fragile human.

Next time I bump into you as we try to pass by the same hazard, I will look at you, say “I’m sorry”.
I’ll let you go first.

I’ll smile at you.

I’ll say hi when I see you.

I will tell you how talented you are, when you do the things you do best.

I’ll tell you what you mean to me.

I will listen to your stories.

I’ll share my stories with you.

I will open my mind to your life, and give you a part of mine.

You’ll never be just one of many.

I promise.


Dear unique human being.

You must not whisper to yourself at night that you feel alone.

If that’s how you feel, then don’t be ashamed of it.

Say it to me. Tell me you feel lonely and give me your hand so that I can hold it firmly in mine.

I’ll stand by your side and go with you. ll stay til the dark and cold turns to light and warm.

I’ll hold you until you can once again stand on your own.

I’ll see you as the beautiful person you are.

See you for  the precious, the unique, the fragile, the unique person you are.

Together we will create, we will  fight, we will share.

We will be together.

Together we will live.

I’m here with you.

I promise.



Dear humanity.

I shall never hate.

I shall never be silent.

I shall never forget.

I will love.

I will honor.

I shall be.

I promise.




  1. ‘we can find comfort in the fact that we are also the only thing that can make it better, and we really have that power.’ – Splendid words!

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