The Fighters



Not the ones that hits. That beats each other for blood, honor and bruises.

They are not the real fighters.

The fighters are the people who works hard for their dreams.

Who have been struggling, maybe even without people knowing it.

People who grew up in a messed up home.

Without money, without new clothes and shoes.

People who have been fighting against themselves and who they are.

People that others said never would make it, but they did.


I have been reading a lot of other blogs lately and I’m so proud of you all.

Proud of all you fighters.


We are in the same boat, and the joy I feel when I see your success and your ways getting there makes my heart beat faster every time.

And it’s so nice to see how open you are to other people.

We must really take care of that gift. The gift of seeing everyone for what they are.

Because we are all the same.

And I think the people who have been getting through in this world in the hard ways, is better at seeing that then the people who always takes the short ride.

It’s the fight that makes you feel alive. That keeps you alive.

I mean, we all fights for something, right?


I have never tried to hide what I want to do with my life.

I have big dreams, and for many people they are completely unattainable and stupid, but only the people who don’t dear to dream themself say that.

I find true inspiration in all of you that have made it through even when others laughed at you or looked the other way when you were struggling.

I hope that kids growing up these days see it like that as well.

That they no matter what their assumptions are, or where they come from, dear to dream, dear to try.

And most important of all, I hope they know that all other fighters who have made it are right there behind them, backing the up.

Like the feeling I have.

Like soldiers in war, not with weapons, but with support and joy over all  your accomplishments.IMG_5176

Step by step.



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