Join Us At The Oscar-Party…

Saturday means one thing and one thing only!attachment

“Good Evening Norway” Is airing on TV2 back in Norway at 22:15 (Norwegian time)

And this week my Norwegian friends gets to see inside of Moods of Norway’s big Oscar Party!attachment-1

Thomas Engstrom, my cameraman, and I worked so hard on the event and are very happy with the results!

So to my Norwegian friends, turn the TV on at 22:15, and to my friends from the rest of the world, I’ll give you a nice treat of pictures of celebrities and party people! 😀  IMG_8769

The very talented Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen who plays Thor Heyerdahl in the oscar nominated movie, Kon Tiki.


The other guys from the Kon Tiki-cast  Jakob Oftebro, Anders Baasmo Christiansen and Odd Magnus Williamson


Norway’s  culture minister Hadia Tajik.


The amazing and wonderful director Harald Zwart and his beautiful wife Veslemøy.

Two people I really adore!


…and fun on the red carpet 😉



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