Lights, Camera, Action…

My house, my home…everything..gone..

IMG_9512 IMG_9513

No, of course not.

many of you might remember this street from the movie “War of The Worlds”

Or from the plaincrash in “Desperate housewives”IMG_9511   IMG_9509

I’m so lucky to have a wonderful family, and now, I have my uncle, my aunt and my beautiful cousin here in Los Angeles to visit me.

So yesterday I took them to Universal Studios (my second home) and of course for a tour around on set.IMG_9508 IMG_9507 IMG_9506 IMG_9505

Its pretty freaking amazing!!!

I love Universal.

Everything is so big and exciting!

IMG_9450 IMG_9454 IMG_9455

Welcome on set!

IMG_9464 IMG_9461 IMG_9459  IMG_9468

I bet you have seen these streets a thousand times is movies before.

New York, Little London..


Little Europe..


IMG_9478 IMG_9479


The wild west

IMG_9482 IMG_9484 IMG_9486

The whole world in one place.

Remember this:

IMG_9492 IMG_9493

That’s right: Jaws!

And this:




And this is one of my favorites

IMG_9496 IMG_9497

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with Jim Carry from 2000.

But my favorite part of the day was of course the tour at the museum!

And I got to see little Norman:

IMG_9519 IMG_9520

Omg I’m so in love with the movie Paranorman!

The stop motion movies really fascinates me!

IMG_9525 IMG_9526

The film was in production for three years with the animating stage of production lasting about two years, beginning in late 2009.

I mean, this is real art!

IMG_9524 IMG_9523

It’s amazing to see how they work on the set of these movies.

If you really want to see something amazing, watch this:


They also have a real Oscar statue





I almost cried.

IMG_9529 IMG_9531

Oh yes, yet another wonderful day in paradise



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