The Fear…

So this is it.

 I have my days when I think too much.

About life, about work, about people, about us.IMG_6756

We sleep, we work, we fight to survive, we play and we sleep again.


Now, when I say this, I know I sound spoiled. Because I live in the most amazing city in the world, I have a great job, I have huge ambitions and I’m surrounded by so many beautiful and unique people.

So why on earth would I say “This is it”.

Well, I think it is my hunger for life.

My fear of not living enough.


Maybe this is why I decided to become an actress as well. I always want something more, something different, something new, new challenges.


When thoughts like this spins around in my head, I always have to stop and ask myself  “what makes you happy?”

For me, the answer is not hard.

I like to make people laugh.

I like to entertain.

I like to amuse and talk to people, get to know other people.

Those things makes me happy.

So to make the most out f my life, and to be happy, those are the things I have to do.


I think we all have fears in our lives.

It might be that you are scared of not being good enough.

Scared to never get loved.


Scared of disappointing others, or maybe even scared of disappointing yourself.

A fear of losing someone or scared you never will find what you are looking for.


Yes, there is a lot of things we people fear, and one of my biggest fears is to not live enough.

And yes, that is a hard fear to handle, because you never really get rid of it.

But again, that fear is in fact one of the things that have been pushing me and helping me to get where I am today.

That fear have actually been one of my best motivations.


So I think being afraid is a good thing.

And life is in fact short, so why not just fill it up with the things that make you happy.

Yes, this is it, so make the most out of it.

Live as much as you can today, because before you know it, today will be tomorrow.



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