Let The World See You!


So april is here with all her glory.

The nights are getting warmer, the smell of flowers in bloom and BBQ is everywhere here in L.A now.

Its easier to smile to people when spring comes running.

Its like everyone suddenly opens up to one another again.


Even here in sunny california.

One thing is Norway, because in Norway the winter is long, dark and cold.

people look themself in and its completely understandable.

If you want to go out you have to put on big jackets, hats, knitted sweaters, cover your hands, your neck, sometimes even your face because it’s so cold!

You get pale, tired and you don’t really go out and meet people in the winter time.

But when the spring comes to Norway, all beauty is reveled.

People bring out their bikes, have a cold beer outside on the piers by the sea.

They get so much happier and everywhere you go people will smile to you. You will notice the difference.

And surprisingly, its like that here in Los Angeles as well, even though it’s never really winter here.


Spring is here, there is a change. New colours, new smells, new temperatures, new beginnings.

And people wake up just as much as the world around us.

it’s almost a feeling of freedom and a feeling of finally being well-rested.

All of these things come to us in the spring without us even thinking about it, but what if we started to think about it.

To make an effort in waking up to the world and meet each other in a new way.

We talked about being open in my acting class this week, and the fact is that we people have ben closing ourself so much away from each other the last 10 years.

Everywhere you go, you see people buried in their computers, telephones or papers.

And I will admit, most of the times when I take up my phone I don’t even need to. I’m just board, nervous or pretending to do something.

Because as it is now, if you are in a place alone with a lot of other people, most of them around you will be sitting doing something with their phone or other technical devices.

So here is the challenge we got, next time you go out and feel the urge to take up your phone for no particular reason, don’t!

Dont! instead, meet the eyes of a stranger, smile and even maybe say hi.

Open up. Be there.


See the world around you, there is so many things there that you should see. The world is in bloom in front of you and there are things there that you might never see again!

But most important of all, let the world see you! Because you deserve it. You deserve to have all eyes on you!

Beautiful, unique you!

You might be surprised of all the new things you discover.



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