Flawless Hollywood-skin

I’m so excited to try this series!

Here in sunny california the skin is revealed to a lot of sun and damage, that’s why it’s even more important to remember to keep it moist and fresh.

And that’s what Hollywood is all about isn’t it?


And I admit, for me it’s almost hard to remember to take extra good care of my face and skin. I have been lucky all my life, and never had any problems with acne or bad skin, so I have never really known what to use, whats good and whats not. And I mean, it’s a jungle out there of products and they all promise the same thing!

But like I said, the sun in L.A and the pollution does something to your skin.

And I work A LOT in front of the camera, so I’m pretty needy for my skin to look flawless, and good knows that’s not just easy.

So how do the celebrities and famous people keep their skin so perfect!? Almost annoying isn’t it!?

So I was soooo happy when my friend Nina Green introduced me to these products:

IMG_0818 IMG_0819

Nina, knows her stuff! And the best part of all, she has a webshop so that people back home in Norway, Sweden and Danmark easily can click in, and get the products home in their own bathroom!


Visit the website here:


I cant wait to try it and give you all a full report on it!



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