You Deserve To Be Who You Are

Every Tuesday morning I have acting Classes in an awesome studio in Hollywood called AMAW – Antony Meindl’s actor workshop.

And every Tuesday I walk out of class having learned something new about other people, and about myself.IMG_0842

And I think its only fear to share it with my beautiful readers, because it turns out, we people have more in common then we think, we are just to scared to talk about it.

It’s not our fault. It’s what we have been told since we where kids. (don’t do this, don’t do that, girls don’t do things like that, boys must never do that, don’t say it just don’t don’t don’t)

And what happens is, that after a while, we start hiding who we are, hiding our uniqueness and stop saying how we feel and what we mean.

Yes, without rules, the world would be a mess. So we need rules. But not rules that makes you feel “wrong” for speaking your mind, dressing the way you want to and being who you want to be. The one you really are.IMG_0721

When it all goes wrong is when people start picking on each other, bullying, talking shit and judging others.

And most of the times when people do this, it is because of jealousy.

And I’ll admit, I’m no stranger to this. I am sure I have said..well I know I have said ” That girl’s hair is so ugly”, But if I stop myself in that moment, and ask myself “Why would you say that?”, it most definitely is because that girl has a smoking body and an amazing smile and instead of telling her that, I try to find something wrong to make myself feel better.


I feel sick just saying it! But it is true, and now that I am older and have realized that, instead of acting all jealous and look for wrong things that isn’t even there I say, “That girl is so pretty!” the next step for me will be to tell her that, because she probably deserve to hear it. Cause chances are, other people have been as shallow as me and never told her that, but instead whispered something stupid behind her back with eyes filled with jealousy.

So people become afraid of being themself, for making a fool out of them self and scared for what others might think about them.

And that is just really sad.


Now, I know I cant change the world, but I can change myself. I can be better. And If I change to the better, maybe others will as well.

One brick at a time.

The fact is, everybody deserve to let themself be who they are.

You deserve happiness. And you deserve to shine and be who YOU are, and not who you think other people want you to be.

The best quote from todays class was:

I am who I am, and what other people think about me is none of my fucking business.

IMG_0329 IMG_0319


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