On The Red Carpet – MTV Movie Awards

So after “The making of”, sunday was finally her to give us the show.

The MTV Movie Awards 2013.


The stage was ready, the red carpet as out and I was more ready than ever to talk to the stars right before they entered the show.

IMG_0966 IMG_1042

My favorite thing to do is actually the red carpets.

IMG_1049 IMG_1050

Try to ask the stars new and funny questions, make them give a little bit more of themself then they have done earlier and just entertain.



– Macklemore –


 – Michelle Rodriguez –


– Steve Carell –

Entertain the stars and the viewers at home.


RuPaul walked by, Snoop Lion, Sammi sweetheart and Ronnie from Jersey Shore, Matt Lucas and the boys from Guy code.


Easy to say, it was a lot of fun.

IMG_1057 IMG_1056

And you can see it all right here:

(Again intro is on norwegian, interviews in english)

After the red carpet we went inside to see the show.

IMG_1018  IMG_1008 IMG_1007

unfortunately our seats were waaaay in the back, but since it was in such a small room, we came pretty close anyway.

IMG_1016 IMG_1014 IMG_0984 IMG_0996 IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0987

Rebel Wilson did an amazing job, so sweet and funny. So much fun to see Jamie Foxx, one of my big idols, Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell.

IMG_0978 IMG_0973 IMG_0970  IMG_0981 IMG_0998 IMG_1005

Hope you Enjoy it ❤



  1. Thanks for sharing, Ms. I. Love the photo of Michelle Rodriguez (one of my favorites, too. What is there about a woman who could kick my ass around the block that I find so appealing?)

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