The Great Gatsby

I cant wait to see The Great Gatsby!

“A Midwestern war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor.”


I’m counting down the days and have seen all the trailers like a hundred times!

God I love Leonardo DiCaprio! I have done that since I was 12, but let’s be honest, that was only because he was Jack in Titanic, he was handsome and my big teenage crush.

I had posters all over my room of Leonardo and even a little pillow in silk with his face on..yes, almost creepy!


But truth is, I still love him, but now it is because he is a big inspiration to me as an actress. He is just one of my favorite actors, he is believable, he goes in 100% for his every part, he makes his characters so good to watch, evil or nice. And I think people are crazy if they say that he is not a good actor and if they say that he is only popular because of Titanic. Come on, all the parts he has done the last years have been mind-blowing. And truthfully I almost think his part in Titanic is one of his “bad” ones.

Look, this is some of my favorite movies of all time:

“Whats Eating Gilbert Grape”,”Romeo + Juliet”, “The Beach”, “The Departed”,”Catch me if you can”, “shutter Island”, “Inception”,”Gangs of New York”,”Djengo Unchained”

And guess what, DiCaprio is playing in all of them! And they are all epic…well, that’s my opinion!

And I’m guessing that “The Great Gatsby” will be on that list after next week!


I mean, Baz Luhrmann is the director (known from Rome + Juliet and Moulin Rouge) It must be good, right!?

So here it is, the trailers for “The Great Gatsby”!

Enjoy and become just as exited as I am about it!


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