The Secret – How To Make it In Hollywood

So last week was a lot of fun, and a real eye opener for me.

Being an actress in Hollywood, is definitely something totally different then being an actress in Norway.IMG_1457

The competition is harder, the crew is bigger, and then it is the language of course, even if I could speak english before I could write my own name when I was a kid and left school with only A’s in english (wow, excuse my bragging) it’s still things with the language that is difficult for me. But I’m working very hard to get as perfect as I can with it.

When I told people I was moving to Los Angeles, most of them where happy for me, said that it sounded like the right place for me to be and believed in me and my work.


But, there was a lot of people laughing at it. Said things like “yes, but do you know how hard the competition is?” “That won’t be easy!” and “Out of all of them dreamers, what do you think you have that is so special and whats so unique about you that you think you will make it?”

Well, let me say this:

Whats special and unique about me is that I am me, and no one else is just like me.


And that goes for all of you. There is only ONE of you.

So there you go, you are unique, that’s the “big secret” right there! disgustingly simple, isn’t it?

So when the day comes (I have learned to say “when” instead of “if”!) that someone needs someone like me.

Then guess what, I’m here!!

And untill that day, all I can do is take on the competition, and do as much as I can to make sure that when that day comes, when they need someone like me, they will know that I am here!


Yes, the competition is bigger here, but you will never win if you never participate.

At least, I have the chance to try, and I never let a chance pass me by.


So, until that day comes, I will do my workshops and acting classes, I will get better with the language, I will go to auditions, I will make my reels, I will do the student films, do  the non-paid commercials, do the “17 hours waiting to say your one line”-days.


My acting classes at AMAW has really helped me realise this.

The group I work with is an amazing collection of great actors and our teacher Sean is nothing but a true professional.

Anthony also has a book that has made all the difference for me. The book is called “At Left Brain Turn Right” and you can buy it online. This is not just a book for actors, but for humans, and from the bottom of my heart I recommend it!IMG_0842

Because you need to know that just being you is enough!

We people live in so much fear of never being enough, never being good enough never being what others want. And we need to stop, because its when we let that fear go, that’s when we stop being invisible.

And people can laugh all they want but as long as I belive, as long as I keep working, keep trying, keep fighting, I’m already the one with the last laugh!


So, I hope that’s an inspiration, motivation or just something to think about. Because it’s never about being different, no, don’t be different, be you!

Because that’s how you make it!

Not just in Hollywood, not just in acting, but in life.




  1. Jobber du ikke lenger for TV2 eller er bare skuespillerkarrieren noe du gjør på si? Uansett så lykke til 🙂 Har følgt med på deg helt siden du var reporter på student tv i Trondheim 🙂

  2. jovisst gjør jeg det 🙂 men det er jo skuespiller jeg er utdannet som og det jeg satser mest på. Jeg elsker jobben min i TV også, det er både der jeg får inntektene mine fra og noe jeg trives godt med å jobbe med, så jeg kommer aldri til å velg “enten eller” en holde på med både TV og skuespill 🙂 Det er en fin kombinasjon 😀 Tusen takk for fine ord Kristoffer! Så utrolig gøy å høre! mye har skjedd siden den tid hehe 😀

  3. Your English is perfect, don’t let others fool you. You have an inner talent coming from another country and learning a second language. This is commendable to you. Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true.

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words bellauk66! That really means a lot to me ❤ I wish you all the best ❤ – Ine

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