A “Must Do” in Cali


It’s funny, when you live her in California there is so much stuff to do and see, but since you live here, it is so easy to say: “I’ll do it another day”, and it never gets done.

When I have my family and friends visiting, we go do a lot tourist stuff, but when you live here, you sort of just forget about all the things you can do.

Luckey, I am so blessed to have my two Hollywood.parents Lena and Thomas. My two angels sent from above whom I love more than words can say. I could not live without them and feel so lucky to have gotten an extra family in my life.

We do a lot of fun things together, and yesterday we decided t go on Whale Watching in Long Beach out on the Pacific Ocean!


I have a thing for Dolphins, so I was acting like a three-year old kid, running around all excited.


The weather was beautiful and the harbor was so nice with all the palm trees, the restaurants and  boats.

IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1937 IMG_1939Three hours out on the ocean, a little bit cold…


But after only 20 minutes we found ourself in the middle of a huge group of dolphins!


They are so amazing to watch!

The jumped around the boat, and they were so playful.


It was so unbelievable to be a part of it I seriously have no words!


They were so many, and they had their little babies with them. They are just amazing creatures, and very smart too.

Here is a little movie I made of the dolphins playing around our boat!

Pretty right?

And we got to see other pretty sea creatures as well 😉

Look at these cute and lazy sea lions:

PHOTO: Thomas Engstrom


So next time you are in California:



It could be anywhere really, but this was, like I said in Long Beach, and if you want to see the whales, the best season is in January – february, we came a little bit late actually, now they swim further out because the water inland is heating up, but, you can always see the dolphins!

And that in it self, is a must see here in cali ❤


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