The Journey Called Life

I never really know where to start these posts where I dig down deep in my own mind and try to put them out in words.

I guess all I can say about this one, is that it will be very deep. actually its about life, and the meaning of it. So there we go…

Hollywood Sunset - Park La Brea - 09-May-2013 -
Hollywood Sunset – Park La Brea – 09-May-2013 –

I have always had a bit different view of life compared to other people around me.

As a kid, I learned in school about god and jesus, and the bible, but it never really made sence to me.

I have always known there is something bigger, something behind the  creation, but I never really believed in the whole “pick a religion”-thing.

Instead I choose to belive in the things I see, like you and me, and the world around me, and in the feeling I have.

The secret is to listen to your feelings and what they tell you, which is the hard part because we have become so afraid of our feelings so instead of trying to listen we create distractions like using our phones, texting, calling, watching-TV, surfing the internet, instagraming, tweeting, reading magazines, even eating has become a way for us to push our feelings away, a way not to listen.

The thing is, I have always had a feeling, and it’s not until the last two years I have finally started listening to that feeling, that I have come to understand and belive in it.

I have always felt, that life is a journey, I am here for a reason, and I have my life to complete my tasks here.

And it doesn’t matter what god you belive in, what religion you believe in. You are here, and you are here for a reason.

And you might not know why, but to find out why, you have to find yourself and find that feeling and really listen to it.

Hollywood Sunset - Park La Brea - 09-May-2013 -
Hollywood Sunset – Park La Brea – 09-May-2013 –

The problem is, along the way, we forgot how to do that.

Along the way, instead of listening to your own thoughts, we started thinking about everyone elses thoughts.

“What do they think about me, do they think I’m stupid, do they think I look fat, do they think I look wired, do they think I behave awkward, how do they feel about me, do they like me, “ and this goes on and on and on..

Sad really, because instead of figuring out what our mission in life is, we have a way of drifting off and place our focus in a total different direction than the way we should walk.

Your own way.

Hollywood Sunset - Park La Brea - 09-May-2013 -
Hollywood Sunset – Park La Brea – 09-May-2013 –

You were not sent here to live someone elses life, to walk in someone elses shoes, to be someone else.

No, you were sent here to accomplish your mission in life, to live your life and walk your own way.

You are here on your own journey.

And yes, you will meet a lot of people on the way, just like they will meet you, and it will all be for a reason, but you are still ment to keep finding yourself and your way in life.

Lessons must be learned, you will go through both hurt and pain, but it is true what they say, that is the things in life that makes you stronger.

If one never fall, one will never rise.

Hollywood Sunset – Park La Brea – 09-May-2013 –

We people stress out so much because we think we are missing out. We need updates on news, gossip, we need to go to parties and go out see who is where doing what, but in the end all of those things don’t matter!

It’s not about the other things around you, in fact, it’s not about things at all!

It’s about you and the little amount of time you have here to figure out who “you” really are.

So please, do me a favor and let yourself listen to your feelings, because they will give you that answer.

Stop thinking about the others and what they think, and start thinking about yourself and your way.

In the end, you must walk it alone and only you can reach the goals that lies in front of you.

Don’t you think you deserve that? Dont you think you owe yourself that simple thing in life?

The only thing you can control in life is yourself, so let go of the control you are trying to hold over others and every other little thing in life, because that will not get you anywhere.

The meaning is a journey to find yourself, and the answer is “you”.

So simple and yet so extremely difficult.

Hollywood Sunset - Park La Brea - 09-May-2013 -
Hollywood Sunset – Park La Brea – 09-May-2013 –



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