Do it Yourself, No One Else Will Do it For You!

You always hear, “if you want something, go get it” and “No one else can do it for you so go do it yourself!”

So, I live by that.

When I am board, I do my  acting, when I have time to spare, I do my acting, when I am waiting for something, I do my acting.

I work on my accent, I read different scenes and plays, I say them out loud I write my own things and yes, I practise on camera and edit them into short films.


No, I am no professional editor, and I don’t have fancy equipment, but you do like everything else in life, you take what you have and use it.

As an actress, it’s always good to practice in front of the camera so you can look at it and see for yourself what works and what don’t.

Now, mostly, I do it just for fun, because I like trying to make creative things on my own.

So if you have a song, an iPad and iMovie, you can actually come a long way.

So if you want it, if you have fun doing it. Just do it yourself.


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