I Vote For Russell

I Just have to repost this from GAWKER.com!

Russell Brand, I vote for you!

Everybody must see this because he is so spot on about whats going on in this world!

The fun part about it is all those journalist who are supposed to be really educated and smart, they all look like fools talking to Russell.

I posted another one of Russell some months ago, (See the interview here)  and its the same thing, they laugh at him insinuating that he is just a funny man on drugs, but oh my god, they are the one looking like fools when Russell gets his points out there.

Seriously, revolution.

Please let this interview get more views than the fox, I’m just saying.



  1. I REALLY agree that he raises valid issues and is spot on about a lot. But don’t you think he just sugarcoats it with all these big words and does he offer any genuine solutions? I personally think he is just stating the obvious? Definite hot topic though right here.

  2. Well, what I like so much about this is that he actually is just honest and states the obvious, because I feel like that that’s exactly what the politics dont. I think people wants to just hear the truth now. No, there is no solutions in what he is saying, but before you find a solution you have to address the problem, and thats what I like about it so much. There are some big problems in this world, and most of them are sitting at the top and rule this world. And all they want is more money and more power, they dont care about what else is going on. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying everyone is like this, but since we still live with the same problems, the same money issues, the same suffering and the same unbalance in this world, something needs to change. And seeing the problem, addressing it, that’s where we need to start.

  3. Yeah I agree completely. When I first watched the video I was in admiration for his honesty, and your right politicians vary rarely speak the facts and when they do they usually put it across in a way which generally hides the truth anyway! I like Russell and there is no doubting he is a very smart bloke, but I can’t accept a revolution until there is some sort of composure and end product involved. Democracy definitely won’t work purely on passion and – unfortunately. But I am completely in support of change. As a 21 year old Brit studying economics and politics I am not too optimistic about things, so lets hope things improve!

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