Sometimes I fall in love with moments.


It might sound weird, but I think you know what I mean.

That perfect moment when everything is good, when you feel that the only thing that exists is here and now,  just peace and love.

And all you want, is for that moment to last forever.

But no matter how hard you try, that is not possible.

Because time flies by, and a moment will be gone just as fast as it came.

And the moment turns into a memory.

That’s why sometimes the best memories are the worst.

They break your heart.

Because of the fact that it has become a memory, and its no longer a moment.


And you can hold on to it, but you can’t really “hold it”.

Even though you can remember things so clear it seems like you are back in that moment, there are people in those memories, hugs, soft hands, laughter, and scents that is gone.

Gone with the moment.

And even though we all know that living in the moment, and take every day as a gift is the best way to achieve happiness, it is hard to face the fact that for every day, every hour, every second, a moment becomes a memory and slips away from you like sand between your fingers.

One of the things that makes it all so difficult is that you don’t always know what moment will suddenly one day turn out to be  special memory, sometimes it might be small things like a very special sunset.


You can’t go around every day, being sad for the fact that moments will be gone, so instead keep in your heart how important it is to feel blessed for the memories you get.

Maybe you can think of every special moment like a little, beautiful stone that you suddenly found on your way.

You take it, and you keep it in your garden, where it will stay forever.

Sometimes it might be a stone as clear and bright as the sun, but through time, it fades a little bit every day.

But other times you might find stones that look grey and kind of boring at first, but one day you might see that it really was a diamond you kept and it will  just turn more and more beautiful every time you see it.

Yes, sometimes I fall in love with moments and they all break my heart when I realize they are over.

But as long as I remember them, they will never truly be gone.

They will be a irreplaceable memory.



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