Paul Walker’s Last Minutes

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Yesterday, I had a difficult time doing my job.

It’s never easy when people pass away,especially when it is in a tragic accident.

It’s never easy standing at the spot where it all happened.

It’s not easy seeing people sad.

It’s not easy seeing the faces of people who were the last ones to talk to the persons who passed away, it’s not easy to hear their story.

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Paul Walkers death have been all over media since the tragic car crash november 30th.

I ave been reading comments like “People die every day, but when a celebrity goes, then the whole world stops”

And I understand why people say that, but after the job we did yesterday, I got a different perspective of it.

Paul Walker wasnt just a celebrity, he was an entertainer and a role model for so many boys and girls, because of his work.

And I realized that yesterday.

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We talked to a kid, he might have been around 13-15 years old, he had tears in his eyes when he was talking.

“I was a huge fan. He was the one who got me into racing and cars. I would look forward to his new movies like christmas. It’s not that he was just a celebrity, he was my idol…”

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Because of his status, he was a person people related to, looked up to, felt like they knew.

And his friend Roger Rodas, who the media forgot, but who people say was a kind-hearted man and a loving father.

Both Paul and Roger was at an event collecting money for the people in the Philipines and toys for “Toys for Toddlers”.

They where there with Paul’s organisation, Reach Out World Wide, who gives money and attention to the people who needs it, more that Paul felt like he did.

And when accident like this happen, it does get in the paper, because a celebrity is a “friend” to more people then they know.

And when you lose a friend, you get sad and yu get a shock, even though you never really met the person or talked to the person.

You know them by the way they made you feel, the feeling you have when you have someone you look up to and admire.

When we see this, we get a reminder that life is fragile.

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The smell of burned materials was still all over the place when we got to Santa Clarita yesterday.

Pieces of the car could still be seen around the area.

Fans, friends and family was there to put down flowers, pictures and gifts.

Skjermbilde 2013-12-01 kl. 20.19.31

We talked to Jim Torp who was with Paul and Roger the whole day.

They said they were just going to take a five minutes ride with a new car, and then be right back.

A few seconds later Jim and his friends heard the crash.

Jim’s son was the first one up to the car that already was in flames.

It was already to late.

Because of the flames, it was impossible to get the two men out of the car.

Pauls last thing to do here, was helping the people who needs it the most.

He was donating money and toys.

He was gathering other people to do the same.

He used his status to get people together and help others people in need.

That was Paul Walker’s last minutes.

And maybe something we all should think about.

Prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones.

May they forever rest in peace and never be forgotten.

Paul Walker


Roger Rodas

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