Norwegians in Hollywood

Skjermbilde 2013-12-31 kl. 09.28.34

Just wanted to share this one with you.

A little thing we did for TV 2 Norway right before New years.

This is a little sum up with a few (there has been s many more!) of the very talented and beautiful Norwegians here in L.A and what they did in 2013.

We also made an amazing webserie that I have told you about earlier “The Hollywood Dream” where I had the honor of meeting 10 Norwegians who work and struggle their way to the top here in Los Angeles.

Take a look! 😀

Norwegian rapper Marlén Elvin a.k.a Malicious in Hollywood, CA interview for norwegian TV2.
Reporter: Ine Iversen.


The great Toby Skard – CCR Brand


Wonderful Nina and the actress Anne Heche For “My Beauty Avenue”   –


The talented producer Andreas with the band “Timeflies”




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