Before a Big Show – Award Season in L.A

Award Season in Los Angeles is big!

It feels amazing to be in this city when its this time of year.

I told you we did a thing for TV 2 Norway about the Golden Globe Awards.

Well here are the videos!! 😀

First; The day before the big event, where will it be, what will they eat, who wore what last year and so on.

(this one is mostly in Norwegian)

BUT this one is mostly in english and it pretty awesome, I don’t say that because it my work, no, it was the amazing people we interviewed who made this so good!

We wanted to know what movies the people had as favorites from 2013, and we found some people who really knew about last years films!

If you need some advise on what movies to see, you will get that here:


Please, tell me what you are thinking about:

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