The Sinking World

I have something I want to show you.

Today I was taking a bath, and don’t worry, this doesn’t actually have anything  to do with me taking a bath. There not really much to see there. But anyway, as I was there dipping my head in the water I started to think how wonderful that actually was.

Since I was a kid I have loved to put my head under water and just listen to how the sounds change, how quiet it all gets.

Its been a very stressful time lately, so I figured that today, since its been a grey and gloomy day in L.A, I’m gonna take the time to make myself a bath and just disconnect from the world for a little while.

In that moment, I was the only one in the world.

It was just me, under water, so quiet and silent. so peaceful and different.

All stress disappear, all the worries and over thinking.

And even after I got up, I had a feeling of bliss in my heart.

So, now to the real point of this whole post.

I wanted to make a post about the beauty of the world under water and that’s when I found the masterpieces and the master behind it.

Andreas Franke, an artist, with a passion for the life under water.


He is a photographer and have created the most amazing pictures I have ever seen.

He goes diving, and find sunken boats and takes pictures where there once was life.

After that he creates a whole scene in his studio and put the results together.



And as you can see, the results are simply amazing.



This is from his website about the project itself:

With his project “The Sinking World“ Andreas Franke brings a strange, forgotten underwater world back to life and stages realms of an unprecedented kind.

The pictures engender extreme polarities: the soft, secretive underwater emptiness of sleeping shipwrecks is paired with real, authentic sceneries full of liveliness and vigor, thus creating a new world, equally bizarre and irresistibly entangling.
The resting giants at the bottom of the sea do not only form fascinating and unique backgrounds for Andreas Franke’s sceneries. They also constitute the best exhibition sites imaginable.
These spectacular underwater galleries make divers fall under their spell and display the work of the ocean itself. During the weeks and months under water the ocean bequeaths impressive, peerless traces to the pictures. It adorns them with a certain, peculiar patina, endowing them with the countenance of bizarre evanescence and transfiguring them into rare beauties.

Want more?

Visit his site here;


Besides from Andreas Franke, I found some other under water photos that really amazed me  that I want to share with you;

Pitcures from We<3it


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