This Little Girl..


This little girl.

This little, tiny, smiling baby, is actually me.

It is such a trip when you find old pictures of yourself from when you were a kid, I can only imagine how it is for my mom seeing it. Who actually remembers this little thing.


It looks like I was a pretty happy kid too.

Well, no wonder, I had the most beautiful and fun mom in the world and we lived in the forest of Norway.

Needless to say life was a playground.


Maybe that’s why I have always wanted to be an actress as well, to keep the play going.

New worlds, new lives and new adventures.


I had the wildest imagination.

I would be outside every day playing in the forest behind our house.20935_1331423167011_5991845_n

One day it was a huge restaurant and I hade food out of flowers, dirt and branches, the nest day it would be a far away country and I would be a poor girl who lived in the forest and one day became a princess.


When it was time to get inside for the night I would take my books, look at the pictures and record myself telling the stories. Not the one that was written in the book, but the one I created by looking at it.

I didn’t like reading, it was much more fun making it up myself.


I remember my childhood as fun.

Fun and filled with memories and something new to explore every day.


I kept it that way.

Every new day is a new opportunity.

A new blessed day to live.

To be alive and see the world.

To see new people, new places, to be the best you can be and let people remember you as a happy and kind person.

A new day to make an impression and to be impressed.

A new day to get rich, not with money, but with unique, precious memories.




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