*Shine Bright *


It was truly a dream come true to be able to report from the red carpet during the Oscars.

I got so surprised over how huge it actually was, its pretty insane.

And the storm, jiiz I heard from people who have been living here for years and years that they had never experienced anything like it.

A whole ocean came falling down over L.A.

We went up there on friday to make a report about the storm, and boy was it wet!

The red carpet was covered in plastic but we could see that it was soaked underneath.


Here is our report about the storm and an interview with the wonderful TV-personality Sandy Kenyon:


But when sunday arrived, the sun came out at the same time the stars came.

We had so much fun doing the Live report from the red carpet.

So many reporters and press people, a complete circus but I can’t even explain the joy I got doing it!


So much fun things to see and be a part of!



Everything must shine!!!

Thank you for the photos Thomas Engstrom and for yet another amazing day at work!



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