aside A new look


It took some time, but finally my website has a new  look and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

I have learned that blogging can be a difficult thing.

You want to share whats going on in your life, but you still want the content to be appealing and give something to the readers other than “Today I had breakfast and then went to the gym and then I had some work before dinner. Fun”

Dont get me wrong, I am sure that can be amusing to read as well but I kinda wanted more relevant content on my blog when it comes to my job and all the things I got going on in life.

So, I am done promising new posts daily or weekly, every time I do that, I end up disappointing you all and I always feel terrible about it, so  from now on, just know that the website will be updated more often.

The content will also be a little bit different.

There will still be posts about my work and events that I attend but there will also be shorter posts with sometimes just pictures, quotes and content that I find inspirational and motivating and hopefully it might just pass on to you.





One comment

  1. hvor er de svarte sokkene fra?! 😀 hvis de er fra en butikk i LA vet du om en nettbutikk som sender til Norge som har de? 🙂 love them!

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