Are you ready to climb?


I wish I could tell you its gonna be a journey of rainbows, butterflies, no drama, no worries, no problems and no stress.

Truth is, thats not the case. Thats not life. Actually, thats not even living.

Life is not an easy ride, its actually a pretty bumpy ride with obstacles , difficult decisions, choices, ups and downs, sorrows, heartbreaks and disappointments.

But the good thing about a bumpy ride is that when it goes down, it will go up, and when you are back up there you will appreciate every single stupid problem and obstacle that once was in your way.

Because it made you stronger, it made you smarter, it made you who you are today and guess what, it made you really live.

We are humans, we have feelings. We are suppose to be down at the bottom once in a while, it keeps us grounded.

IMG_4011Yes, life is a long hard climb.

But hang in there, keep your eyes on the top and keep climbing.

Because when you get to the top, you will see a beautiful view.IMG_3958

And most likely, after enjoying that view for a minute, another mountain will catch your eye and you will say, man that looks like a hard one to climb, but will I try to climb it? you can bet your ass I will!

So to all my other climbers and goal getters out there, lets put on our kicks and start climbing for our next top.

Are you ready?