To The One That Matters The Most

I just saw this heartbreaking but also eyeopening video the other day that I just felt the urge to share with you guys.

This is Marc Mero telling his story to a young group of people, and the story brings most of them to tears.

I cried too and I have a feeling you might as well.

This is close to our hear isn’t it.

Our own mother.

The woman who made you and gave you life.

The woman who always supports you and have your back.

That is my mom, and god how I love her.

I will always be blessed in life, because I have a mother like you.

And I know there is people out there who don’t have a close relationship to their mom, or might not even ever have met their mom.

But I hope they still get to grow up with at least a mother character, someone who cares, believes and keep you warm. And maybe thats why we all should strive to be a little bit more like that in life.

Be a “mom”.

The wonderful thing about my mom, that I have always admired her for is that she has been a mom to so many kids.

She might only have one child by blood, but my mom has been a mom to so many children and young adults during my life I almost feel like I have a hundreds sisters and brothers.

She has always been working with kids, and has been there for every single one of them. Kids that didn’t have a mom, who didn’t get a long with their family, kids who needed someone to talk to, kids who just needed a little extra help in life.

For the kids who needed a shoulder to cry on, a lap to sit in, someone to answer all the difficult questions, someone to be a mother.

She was, and still is, always there.

I love you mommy, and I know a bunch of people who would say the same to you.

I am so honored to share such a beautiful soul and person with these other kids.

You are my hero ❤


PS: if you haven’t called your mother today, maybe you should ❤


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