Every Girl Should Have A Crown

When it comes to accessories I am a typical girl.

I love bracelets, rings, and all of that.

But I also have a thing for accessories for your hair, and I am so excited about the latest trends where we have pimped up the boring headband.

A little golden leaf.


This is probably my favorite.

It goes from the back of your head, and has two golden leafs on the side.

Just little bit like the god Hermes.

Hermes is a god of transitions and boundaries. He is quick and cunning, and moves freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods, intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife.

I forgot to tell you I am really into greek mythology didn’t I?

Egyptian princess


If you look up the illustrations of Egyptian princesses you will find a lot of gorgeous head pieces, crowns and accessories.

Why this trend is so on and off in our culture surprises me, because I think it is just as beautiful as wearing a necklace.


I am all for(head) it!


Bring it back.

What do you think?


Please, tell me what you are thinking about:

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