And Breathe


We all get that feeling once in a while were we completely lose contact with our mind and body.

I get this all the tie when I am working and stressing a lot.

There is so much going on, and I’m just sort of floating over my body.

The gym is always my go to place to land a little, the only thing is that in the gym I am so focused on pushing myself and working out, so yes it helps me to leave the stress, but it doesn’t really do much for the feeling of being outside my body.

Sometimes, we just need to land.

It’s a strange thing to explain, but its sort of a feeling of getting your soul to settle in your body again.

Relax, love and breathe.

cut yourself some slack, you are doing good!

And that’s why we meditate.

To land.

And did you know that meditation is scientifically proven to:

1. Overcome stress (University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2003)

2. Boost your creativity (ScienceDaily, 2010)

3. Improve your sex life and increase your libido (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2009)

4. Cultivate healthy habits that lead to weight loss (Journal Emotion, 2007)

5. Improve digestion and lower blood pressure (Harvard Medical School)

6. Decrease your risk of heart attack (The Stroke Journal, 2009)

7. Help overcome anxiety, depression, anger and confusion (Psychosomatic Medicine,

8. Decrease perception of pain and improve cognitive processing (Wake Forest University School of Medicine, 2010)

9. Increase your focus and attention (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007)

10. Increase the size of your most important organ – your brain! (Harvard University Gazette, 2006)

So it goes to show that “landing” is not just good for you, it can really improve both your health and happiness.

And oh, please do me a favor.

Go take a look in the mirror and tell yourself:

“You are more than good enough. Actually, you are the most perfect you in the world.”


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