Oscar’s world

Oscar De La Renta!

I know I am not the only girl drooling over everything from the gorgeous dresses to the sassy jackets and skirts from Oscar De La Renta.

In all of jule  they are having their pre showing of the fall collection 2015, and I cant wait to see all the new items but intil then I have picked out some of my favorites from the spring/summer collection.

First of all, the two dresses that really stood out for me was these two amazing, colorful pieces.

In the same style, just minus the spring colors, this beauty:


It is simply to die for! This was perfection to me. I love how big the skirt is on it and how the tail has a perfect length to make it glamours yet not too dolled up so you definitely can pull it off on a regular day out for lunch with the girlfriends. So pretty.

To tone it down a little more, here are some of the gorgeous styles you can rock any day.


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