aside Let Me See You Do That Yoga


When I was in acting school, one of the things we used to do every other morning was starting the day off with some power yoga.

After that I was addicted. It made me less tens, sleep better, made me more flexible and I got to work out muscles I didn’t even knew excited in my body.

After I moved to Los Angeles I unfortunately fell a little bit out of my routine.  Which actually was strange because this city has some of the best classes and opportunities for all sorts of yoga workouts.

But finally, Im back in the yoga game thanks to my dear friend miss Green.

Every other day for almost a month now we have been doing classes at Earth’s power yoga where we do intense hot yoga workouts and the transformation happened just after the first week.

There is several benefits to do hot yoga. Here is some info from their own website.

Earth’s Power Yoga has turned up the heat in its hollywood Yoga Studio. It is between 92 and 95 degrees.

After extensively traveling through India, Steven noted how his practice became much deeper and his flexibility almost doubled with the addition of intense heat and humidity.

Now you can have the same experience right here in Los Angeles. Come and see what all the buzz is about!


Top 9 Reasons to Choose Hot Yoga

  1. It makes your heart beat faster for increased cardio health and endurance.
  2. It purifies your skin.
  3. You burn fat effectively and increase your metabolism.
  4. Your chances of injury decrease.
  5. Your flexibility increases faster.
  6. Improves nervous system function.
  7. Increases mental focus and discipline.
  8. Helps the liver by aiding in the detoxification process.
  9. It makes you feel great!

Yoga is good for everyone, and in our classes we are almost always 60% girls and 40%guys so you can tell it is really popular here in Los Angeles for both men and woman to do yoga.

Do I recommend you to try it out? Yes I do, with al my heart and soul. Namaste!



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