aside Finally Friday

Happy Friday everyone!


I am so excited about next week, we have the MTV VMA’s coming up and I will of course be there covering it all for you guys.

Concerts, Press junkets, the red carpet and the show with Miley Cyrus hosting.

This year is going to be one wild ride for sure!

This is my third year covering the MTV VMA’s and it is without a doubt the most fun award show to do!

Everything from the outfits on the red carpet to the performances is always over the top!

So dont forget to follow me on social media, because I will be posting from the events every single day.

Instagram: Ineback

Snapchat: Ineback

Twitter: Inebackiversen

And most important, subscribe to my YouTube channel for exclusive behind the scenes material all week!

Im going to do a VMA’s special on my channel so subscribe, help me decide questions for the celebrities and join me backstage.

Simply clock here: CLICK ME

And lets get this show on the road! ❤

Take it easy this weekend!

IMG_6939  – Love, Ine


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