The Baddest Was Definitely The Best – #BaddieWinkle


She is 87 years old, she has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, and she is pretty much the most fascinating person I have ever interviewed.

Baddie Winkle, or Helen Ruth Van Winkle if you want, attended the Video Music Awards last Sunday and  I was so excited when she made her way over to us to have a little chat.


She was dressed up in neon colors and glitter from top to toe, she was smiling from ear to ear and was without a doubt lighting up the everything around her on the red carpet.

As she walks over to me, a band stars playing right next to us, and its almost impossible to talk, but that didn’t stop Baddie, she was determent to do our interview.

She might have been the oldest on the carpet, but I’m going to be bold in my statement and say she might also have been the one with the youngest spirit.

To understand what I mean, watch out adorable interview here:

Her story is amazing, to be almost 90 years and decide to just not give a fuck, be bad, be loud, be different should be such an inspiration to all of us. no matter what age.

Do what makes you happy, dress like you want to, don’t let others tell you its wrong, for as long as you do you, it will never be wrong. There is no one else like you, so there is no one that can compare to you. which is also why you should never compare yourself to others. That can never satisfy you in any way. Because you can never be like any other, and any other can never be like you.

Thats what makes us all unique, and there is beauty in that.