Watch MTV anywhere at any time! #MTVPlay

It is not a secret that I love MTV!

MTV has been one of my favorite channels since I was a kid and I still remember dreaming about one day being one of the hosts presenting the newest music videos and talking to the stars about their favorite food, secret talents and all the things you didn’t even think you wanted to know.

Well, MTV is much more than just music videos and celebrity interviews now. They have some of the best teen shows (in my opinion) like Awkward, Teen wolf and Faking it.

The totally addictive reality shows like Are you the one, Teen mom and Catfish.

Plus my favorites, Uncommon sense, Girl Code and the classic, MTV cribs.

So I of course got super excited when I found out that MTV now has their own app called MTV Play, where you can watch all these shows anytime and anywhere right there on your phone!

Facebookbild-MTV Play

I got extra excited when I heard that Norway (Ja vi elsker!) is the first country in Scandinavia to get it!

So I tested it, and here is a little video for you guys on what to expect and how it works.


About MTV Play

  • With MTV Play you can see your favorite shows – any show, any time, anywhere.
  • Access to more than 600 episodes – over 6000 with the premium version that you get via your TV operator
  • Works on every platform; smart phone, tablets, TV, lap tops and all you other units. MTV Play are always synchronized so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Norway is the first Nordic country that gets MTV Play

So you can now head on to your apple store, search for “MTV Play” and the app will pop right up. Download it, it is free, sign up..also free and go ahead and simply enjoy your favorite shows.