Shiny and Extra Sparkly

Every Tuesday I will be posting about beauty here on my website.

Makeup, hair, skin care. Face and body.

It will be everything from beauty hacks, favorite products, DIY’s, trends, tips, and I am very excited about it because tomorrow I am announcing a huge collaboration that I will be doing here on my site when it comes to just exactly this, the world of beauty.

There will be tons of videos and pictures so I hope you guys will all enjoy it just as much as me.

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So lets just get to it!

On my first beauty Tuesday it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t talk about my nail.

I get so many questions about them, what nail polish I like, what treatments I do how often and so on.

It is no secret, when a girl gets her nails done did, we feel so much more like the queens we are.

I do mine like twice a month, depending on my schedule, if I have many big events and feel like I need a color change before a red carpet or something like that, I’ll pop in to at the salon a few extra times.

I always do gel manicures, a little bit just because I love how polished and shiny they get, but mostly because gel do not flake, you seriously have to file the color off.

And there is no waiting for it to dry, they put on the gel, you have you hand in the LED light for 20 seconds and boom, dry instantly.

IMG_9059Which I need because with my clumsy, inpatient self, you can bet your ass I will start moving around way too soon and bump my fingers into everything and then the whole manicure will just look like a mess.

I like switching up a bit. Last summer I was all into neon pink or baby purple, this summer it was mostly white and with maybe gold glitter tips, or grey with one silver sparkle.

Right now though I am really into the sheer colors, like pink or nude brown.

Lately it has been a very sheer pink with a silver sparkling ombre. And I am completely obsessed by it, not only because it is very typical me with both pink and glitter (over the top as usual) but also because it really goes with everything.

So ladies, go treat yourself with a little nail glam, look great, feel great and get bonus points from your hubby for excellent back scratching.