Chasing Sunsets


I don’t mind sitting at an airport at 5am in the morning.

Buying magazines at the news stand, treating myself with a bag of M&M’s, smiling to the people in their nicest suites and suitcases.


I don’t mind the pressure from takeoff, the sound of the machine.

I don’t mind if it takes hours.

There is nothing like traveling.

Nothing like passion over the clouds, seeing the beautiful city and nature far far away underneath my feet.

Nothing like putting music in my ear, stretch my legs out and simply just be.


For there is no where you can go to, no where to run.

Can’t stress the time.

And knowing that just in a few hours you will walk on a new pice of land you maybe never have walked on before.

New places to see, new people to meet, new views to explore.


No, I do not mind the morning calls or late night travels.

Every journey is a blessing.

And chasing sunsets is one of my favorite things to do.