My Favorite Beauty Highlighter – #Video

So it is Tuesday, meaning we are talking beauty here on the website.

Today I am recommending one of my favorite products for highlighting and that extra finish touch for your face.

The product is from the brand Ilia and it is called the illuminator – Polka dots & Moonbeams.

Perfect for all of you who, like me, is in love with the whole contouring  situation, and the genius thing about this one, which is why it is also my favorite, is that this one is on a stick!


No mess, no spill, no pounder flying everywhere.

Where to put it, how to put it on and how it looks?

Check it out:



Where can you get it? Well I am glad you asked!

go to:

Or, if you are in Norway:

At the website you can also find a bunch of other, really good quality products, and I am so happy to announce that I will now be collaborating with  My Beauty Avenue, picking out my favorites making videos of how they work, reviews, giveaways and so much other fun stuff, so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and stay tuned every Tuesday for more beauty, makeup and fun.

Have a Beautiful day!.