Stargazing #Photoshoot

IMG_2056Here is one of the looks from the photoshoot Nina and I did a couple of weeks ago.

I am so excited about these pictures and am extremely happy with the result.


The weather that day was so strange.

It was cloudy all day and insanely cold compared to what we are used to here in LA.

In the same second as we went outside to shot it starts blowing like crazy and suddenly the rain stars pouring down.

IMG_2082 So we go back inside for a few minutes and then it stops just as fast as it started and it turned out to be a huge blessing for our shoot because the light was so perfect and it looks so cool with all the raindrops on the glass.
IMG_2133So that rain was a real blessing and ended up being the icing on the cake for our shoot.
IMG_2055What do you guys think? 😀