When In A Hurry…


When in a hurry and say you suddenly get a phone call for an audition, meeting or maybe even a date.

So you don’t have much time, but you need that effortless but still nice and decent look

I have a thing where i kinda freak out if my shoes don’t match my outfit, so what I like to do is make sure my shoes and top always matches.

Also its a great freaking excuse to always buy more shoes and if someone gives you heat for owning to many shoes;

– Sorry, its a mentally disorder, if they don’t match my tops, my life has no meaning..

Okay I lost track of the point here, I am just trying to justify for myself that you cant have too many shoes.

So anyway, my point here is that small details, just like matching colors can complete your whole outfit and take you straight from casual to classy.


Also, don’t stress the makeup!

Just smack on some foundation, a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks, put on a thin layer of eyeliner, put your hair up in a ponytail and off you go.