San Fran Baby



My updates have been terrible lately, and not because things haven’t been happening, actually way too much have been happening so honestly I have barely opened my mac for the last two weeks.

But here comes a blogorama. hold on tight, there will be a lot of updates today.

So lets go back two weeks in time to the Superbowl 50 in San Francisco.

Me and four of my wonderful girlfriends took a road trip to the city with the golden sun for a weekend we will never forget.


My oh my what a city it is, and the craziness around the Superbowl made it all so much more insane.

This was our agenda.

Friday: The official Superbowl party hosted by Playboy.

Saturday: Dinner and drinks, The official Maxim Superbowl party.

Sunday: Superbowl viewing party and trip back to LA.