Golden Globe Awards 2016


Award season is coming to an end, and this year has been more intense and amazing than ever.

I have been so bad at posting about it, I wish I had been better, but I have so much material pictures and videos that I will put up on the website now this week so you guys can see behind the scenes of the award season in Hollywood.

Here is some pictures from the red carpet of this years Golden Globe.

By far my favorite award show this year. The red carpet was so much fun, we got so many great interviews and being inside during the awards, meeting the winners after taking home the globe, it was just a lot of fun!

Me and my awesome cameraman Dan, who might just be one of my favorite people in the world, did a little live from the red carpet for my Facebook page, check it out;

I was wearing this gorgeous gown from Sherri Hill. I honestly felt like a princess and don’t think I have ever gotten so many compliments my entire life.

I will post both the interviews and out behind the scenes material shortly, I promise.


A night to remember.