Tropical Treatment


So when you go on vacation, one of the things you probably aim to do is relax, pamper yourself and refresh.

What better way to do that than through a day at the spa.

One of the special features of spa treatments in Hawaii is the use of natural ingredients found locally on the islands. Many spas will make use of tropical fruits, such as banana, pineapple and coconut, plants such as ti leaves, and oils made from local kukui or macadamia nuts, avocadoes and olives. Sweet scrubs are on offer using local honey and sugar, and many essential oils are distilled from native plants and flowers.

The treatments themselves also draw on native aspects and ancient healing arts. The most popular is the lomi lomi massage, a spiritual massage dating back to ancient Hawaii, used by master healers for not just physical, but mental and emotional healing as well. This type of massage uses flowing rhythmic strokes with the forearms and hands, which aims to release both muscle tension and energy blockages. This treatment can also be performed with steamed hot lava stones (called a lomi lomi Pohaku massage).

The influence of Hawaiian landscapes is often present in local spa treatments. Face masks employ blended sea enzymes, body wraps can include native red clay or Hawaiian noni berries, seaweed is used in detoxifying treatments, and herb-soaked hot towels are used for a relaxing, natural cleanse.