aside Oh America..


Oh America! I was so hypnotized by your lights, by the “God bless America” I almost forgot that in the land of God the devil will also be working. For when the light is shining on fame, money, narcissism and materialistic things they tell you, you need, the shadows lay dark over the things that matter. That still in this day and age racism and injustice lives strongly and every day black men and women are being discriminated and treated differently in this world we walk on and all share. I don’t care what or who you are, these are your brothers and sisters. Created the same, by the same, but not treated the same! We say ‪#‎blacklifesmatter‬ because it is proven every day that there still is people out there who don’t think so, and some of them even wear a uniform. Say they will protect and do the opposite. I don’t know what to do next, but if you see some of your brothers and sisters being mistreated you stand up! You speak up! And guess what, that light they have been controlling, deciding what we can see, where we can go, it’s in our hands now! With all our platforms and connections we all own a part of that light switch. So let’s point the spotlight towards the shadows and let everyone see. Enough is enough. 🕯


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