One of my wonderful readers, who also follows my snapchat, sent me a message and asked me if I possibly could post more outfit posts on my website like I do on my snap.

And I said, your wish is my command and I am actually really grateful for her request because I love fashion, love dressing up, and I post snaps of my outfits all the time so why not let them live a longer life on the internet as well 🙂

I probably wont do it every day, because lets face it, 50% of the week I live in my yoga pants and that gets boring fast, but I will definitely start posting outfit posts more often.

In honor of it all, I have created a new category on the website called “Outfit Of The Day” where all the posts about my wardrobe will be posted 😀

So why not kick it of in style!

My first honorable mention:


Two piece bandeau set in wine red, styled up with my new favorite accessory at the moment, a golden choker from the store Style Delivers on Melrose ( you can follow them on instagram @StyleDelivers)

I wore this outfit to a huge mansion party last week.


Shoes is from Alaïa, which is one of y favorite designers!

I have used these beauties so many times I have taken them to shoe repair almost five times now!!

So pretty, and fits everything.