Do you Believe?

Yesterday was  my 4th year anniversary living in the city of angels, the capital of entertainment, heart of California, Los Angeles.

Four years ago I was standing on LAX with my entire life packed down in two gigantic suitcases.

I did not have a place to live, no credit, little knowledge of how things work, I had only been visiting LA twice before. One time for 5 days, and one time for 7 days.

I might have been nervous, tired from the travel and a little bit confused, but more than that I was hopeful, positive and excited for the adventure I had just started.

I left a stable place, a growing career and my safety net for a brand new place, knowing no one in the industry and  was aiming for probably the most unstable path in the business.

But I had a book of blank pages, and a dream that had been growing in my heart since the day I was born.

I knew I was in the right place, this is what I had been dreaming of. I wanted to go big, go hard and suck up all the knowledge and experience I possible could in the city where entertainment grows.

Four years after, I find myself on the red carpet and the world premiere of the new Disney movie Pete’s Dragon.


A movie of magic, imagination and most importantly, the message of believing, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my four-year anniversary with this city.

The best advise any successful person will give you is, believe in yourself.

Believe in your goals, in your passion, in your work, in your dreams.

Believe in the fact that you can do anything you put your mind to.

And I will be first in line to tell you to go after what you want, go do what you feel is right for you!

I’m still not where I have aimed to be, but I get closer every day.


And I know that my goals and dreams sounds impossible for some people, but you know what, when it comes to my future and where I am headed…

..I believe