Give a little Love!

I promised the wonderful followers on my Facebook page that when we passed 4000 followers I would give them a little surprise to show my gratitude.

Well, two days later we had already passed 4300 and I had 500 thank you cards that I wanted to sign and send out with a personal message to whoever wanted it.

I was only supposed to order 50 cards, but ended up with 500, I laughed at myself because I was sure I would get tops 40 requests but boy was I wrong!

Now its four days later, ink on my fingers, cramp in my arm, and a table full of cards, love and gratefulness.

A big smile on my face!

426 “Thank you”-cards!!!


And what is so exciting was seeing how many different countries they are flying off to.
And I learned how different the address formats are from country to country. (I learned that the hard way, a lot of envelopes was shredded during this process, may they rest in peace..)Anyway, it has been totally overwhelming but I am so happy to say that the cards have now been handed to the post office and I hope that they soon will arrive to all of you beautiful people who wanted a little thank you!God knows you deserved, because your love and support makes my day, 7 days a week!