Let’s Be Obnoxious!

Europe, I know it is getting colder, and this might hurt a little, but I’m hoping you can enjoy this obnoxious post through me.


One of my favorite things about LA is that summer never ends!

It is never too late to have a pina colada by the pool at some of the cities nicest hotels, enjoy some fresh fruit, bring all your friends and just soak up the sun.

Relax, close your eyes and pretend that…you don’t have work in two hours and you are totally just posting this to brag about the wonderful life you live and make it look just a tiny bit more glamorous than what it really is.

Lets be real!


But hey, the heat, the sunshine and the fruit was real.

Plus the drinks were free. So even if it is just for a couple of hours before the real life calls…it is two pretty darn good hours to brag about!